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The Hobbs Family Union organized to recognize, research, preserve and incorporate the history of Hobbstown within the larger American story.

Our mission is to record and depict the little-known aspects of a community formed by blacks in the early 20th century as a haven from racism and economic oppression.

An added benefit of these efforts will be the opportunity to locate, identify, and connect with the descendants of

Perry and Charlot Hobbs 
Buena Vista, Schley County, Georgia

Perry Hobbs (1831-1903) and Charlot Stewart (1842-?) were born in western Georgia.  They lived in both Schley and Marion counties. US Census records from 1870-1910 reveal 10 children born during their 50-year marriage.

Three of Perry and Charlot’s sons migrated to the North during the Great Migration (1915). Amos, General Washington, and Robert Hobbs eventually settled in rural Bridgewater Township, New Jersey in 1920. They founded a community that included ‘family & friends’, and called it ‘Hobbstown’.

There they established a village of fellow travelers in pursuit of economic and social empowerment. Hobbstown, as the area is known, became a source of support, encouragement and pride for generations of the Hobbs’ and settlers’ families.

Our goal: to host A 2020 Centennial (July 3.4.5 2020, in Hobbstown, Bridgewater, NJ.

Our website serves to encourage communication.  Everyone is invited to engage. It features our regional family history, photos, story pages and eventually reunion registration and payments.

We strive to make a difference through edification, and ensuring the preservation and promotion of our American story. 

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