Hello Hobbs Family,

Welcome to the Hobbs Family Union, Inc. website.

You are invited to join our celebration honoring Rev. Amos Hobbs Sr., General George Washington Hobbs, and Robert B. Hobbs and the Centennial Anniversary of their roots in Hobbstown, Bridgewater, New Jersey.
2020 Centennial
Save the Date – July 3,4,5  2020.

The invitation is extended to all descendants of
Perry and Charlot Hobbs
 Schley and Marion Counties, Georgia

Perry Hobbs (1831-1903) and Charlot Stewart (1842-?) were born in western Georgia. They lived in both Schley and Marion counties. US Census records from 1870-1910 reveal 15 children born during the 50-year marriage: Robert, Moses, James, Samuel, William, Perry, Jacin, Starling, Amos, Mary Elizabeth, General Washington, Robert, Jefferson, Ella and Mandy.

Three of Perry and Charlot’s sons migrated to the North in the early 1900s. Amos, General, and Robert settled in rural Bridgewater Township, Somerset, New Jersey.

There they established a community of fellow travelers in pursuit of economic and social empowerment. Hobbstown, as the area is known, became a source of support, encouragement and pride for generations of the extended New Jersey Hobbs’.

But the result of families and individuals having separated from other close family members - fathers, mothers, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles - leaves a gap in our histories. There are untold stories, unknown cousins; generational bonds that can enrich our lives today. We should share and preserve our family heritage.

To that end we have organized the Hobbs Family Union, a non-profit 501(3c). The Trustees are – Kenneth Hobbs, President; Karon Patterson, Rev. David Hobbs, and Nan Anderson-Bennett, Recording Secretary.

Our Mission: To research, locate, identify, and connect with the descendants of Perry and Charlot Hobbs.

Our Goal: to host The Hobbs Family Reunion – 2020 Centennial
                                   July 3.4.5 2020, Bridgewater, NJ

Please plan to attend this memorable event. Follow this site for info, input and updates. Let us hear from you and be sure to sign the guest page!
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