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The Hobbs Family Union organized to recognize, research, preserve and incorporate the history of Hobbstown within the larger American story.

Our mission is to record and depict the little-known aspects of a community formed by blacks in the early 20th century as a haven from racism and economic oppression.

Amos, General and Robert Hobbs migrated to the North during the Great Migration (1915). They eventually settled in rural Bridgewater, NJ. in 1920. They founded a community that included family and friends - the Bryants, Hicks, Miller, Murdock, Proctor, Sermons, McCray and Tukes families. They named it 'Hobbstown.

The Hobbs Family Union' focus is ensuring the preservation and promotion of this great American story. 

Our initial project focused on having the given name of ‘Hobbstown’ officially designated for the historic enclave. Presentations, petitions and collaboration with the Friends of Bridgewater History followed.

Elected officials recognized that effort with Bridgewater MC Resolution # 18-08-20-209 which recognized the historic contribution of the Hobbs Family, and designated the neighborhood (Somerville Manor) as an unincorporated community within the Township of Bridgewater renamed ‘Hobbstown’.
The HFU has other short and long-term goals:
  • In anticipation and recognition of the Centennial Anniversary of the founding of the historic and affectionately known” Hobbstown” by Reverend Amos Hobbs with his brothers General W. Hobbs and Robert Hobbs; we propose to honor and commemorate their vision and the accomplishments of the original settler families during the Hobbstown Centennial – ‘A Century of Community’ scheduled for July 3-5, 2020.
  • Planning and funding assistance to stabilize, document and preserve the Prince Rodgers Cemetery on Foothill Road, Bridgewater; the burial site of formally enslaved African Americans. Many of their descendants reside in the area today.
Board of Trustees                                                                                                                                    Kenneth Hobbs, President                                     
Pastor David H. Hobbs, Vice President      
Karon Patterson, Registrar                                 
Nan Hobbs Bennett, Recording Secretary  
POB 8524, Piscataway, Nj 08855      Hobbstownis100@gmail.com www.hobbstownis100.com
The Hobbs Family Union, Inc is a New Jersey Non-Profit, 501(c)(3).

Our website serves to encourage communication. 

We look forward to hearing your Hobbstown history.

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