The Family Tree

Why do they call it a Family Tree?
My child curiously asked of me.
I thought for a moment, and then tried to explain.
How generations go on...their lives not in vain.
From roots buried deeply beneath the earth
Come the very foundation of our family's birth.
Each root brings its own gift to help form the tree.
As Our Ancestors each left their legacy.
The trunk of the tree is our very core
Holding so much more.
Home base to return to when life gets too rough.
Support and acceptance when the world gets too tough.
From the trunk other branches grow,
Forming the beautiful tree that we know.
Each limb is different...each plays a role,
Different strengths...yet sharing one soul.
If one branch is broken, the tree feels the pain,
Sap runs like tears until it heals again.
Families, like branches, spread out from the tree.
But, part of them remains through eternity.
Like leaves caught up in a gust of wind
Carried away...some come home again
Nestling around the base of the tree.
Close to the Roots that gave life selflessly.
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