'Brothers and Sister'
'Brothers and Sister'
“Brothers and Sister”                                                                                                                (Amos, Mary, General and Robert Hobbs)                               Lesley Floyd, Artist

“Brothers and Sister” is a commissioned artwork, requested on behalf of The Hobbs Family Union, Inc. Limited edition prints are available September 2019.   
Hobbstown, the settlement, was founded in 1920 by the Rev. Amos Hobbs with his brothers Robert and General Washington Hobbs. They were the first to purchase land and build homes in the “Somerville Manor” development west of Somerville Road (No Bridge St, Bridgewater, NJ).  They named the area Hobbstown, as it has since been known.

Amos was a farmer and ordained minister. His brothers completed construction of his house in September 1921. The Macedonia Baptist Church, which he established in 1922, first met in the barn behind his house.
General purchased three acres of land adjacent to Amos’ property. The brothers completed construction on General’s homestead, and then built a third for Robert. Thus, the three Hobbs brothers built the nucleus of the community.

General was a skilled carpenter, an all-around handyman; and essentially the largest landowner in Hobbstown at the time. He was well-known in Somerset County for building summer cottages for wealthy New Yorkers.
Robert was a general laborer who applied his construction skills assisting other settlers building homes. He often boarded newcomers as they created new lives in New Jersey.

Mary Elizabeth, affectionately called “May Lizzie”, was their only sister. She was fondly remembered for the tins of syrup and dusty pecans mailed from Valdosta, Georgia in boxes wrapped in paper-bags and tied with string.
The commissioned artwork is inspired by a favorite family photo taken during one of May Lizzie’s visits with her brothers in Hobbstown.
Leslie Floyd
Leslie Floyd is a local Somerville, NJ artist whose abilities flourished early. He was encouraged to enter local and national art competitions. He won the National Scholastic Art Award multiple times, and as a high school senior he was ranked one of the top twenty young artists in the nation. Leslie has studied under Maurice Fern. Mendham, NJ. He studied Fine Arts at Montclair State University and at the Du Cret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ. Leslie’s portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King was on display at the Somerset County Courthouse for several years. Leslie uses all medium of art but prefers watercolor, acrylic, and pen and ink. He describes his style as traditional realism with an impressionistic influence.

Limited Edition Prints are available - $30.00 per plus s/h