Hobbstown, the settlement, was founded in 1920 by the Rev. Amos Hobbs and his brothers Robert and GW Hobbs. They were the first to purchase land and build homes in the “Somerville Manor” development west of Somerville Road (No Bridge St).  They named the area Hobbstown, as it has since been known.

The first Family & Friends Reunion, held August 4-5, 1995, acknowledged seventy-five years of kinship between the original settlers – the Hobbs, Bryant, Hicks, Miller, Murdock, Proctor, Tukes, Sermons, and McCray families. The 2020 Centennial is planned to commemorate the strengths and the successes of those founding families.

2020 Centennial - A Century of Community

Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday     July 3,4,5, 2020
Location: Hobbstown, Bridgewater, New Jersey                           
Theme: Tracing Our Roots
Colors: Georgia Peach and Dark Soil
Venue: TBA[N1] 

The weekend anticipates a Founders Day Ceremony, Historical Tour, Prayer Service and Praise Breakfast. Ideas are welcomed!
Support the 2020 Centennial –
  • The Hobbs Family Union, Inc is a New Jersey Non-Profit, 501(c)(3).  Tax deductible Contributions to the effort are appreciated.
  • Committee chairs and volunteers are needed for the following sub-committees: Accommodations, Food, Decorations, Welcome Hosts, Activities, Entertainment, Visual Media, Family History, Transportation, Web Tech, Fundraising, and Historic Preservation.
  • Individual family units are encouraged to support the operating budget with donations.
  • Anyone can submit photos, artifacts or stories on this on our Guest Page.
Contact: Hobbstownis100@gmail.com                      Attn: Karon Patterson, Registrar

The Hobbs Family Reunion
When: July 3-5, 2020
Where: Bridgewater, New Jersey
Bridgewater Township, NJ
United States

Contact: Registrar