The 100th Anniversary of the founding of Hobbstown by Reverend Amos Hobbs with his brothers Messrs. General Washington Hobbs and Robert B. Hobbs occurs in 2020. We descendants propose to honor and commemorate their vision and accomplishment with

                             The Hobbs Family Union
                                             2020 Centennial
                          Tracing Our Roots
                                       Hobbstown, Bridgewater, NJ

Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday     July 3,4,5, 2020                             
Theme: Tracing Our Roots
Colors: Georgia Peach and Dark Soil
Venue: TBA
The weekend anticipates a Founders Day Ceremony, Historical Tour, Prayer Service and Praise Breakfast and Family Unit Productions. Ideas are welcomed!
Organizational meetings have been held since August 2016. The Planning Committee has developed a general outline of events. Specific goals for the 2020 Centennial include

1.       Official designation of ‘Somerville Manor’ as Hobbstown.
2.      Historical preservation

Planning Committee members are responsible for the design, strategies and implementation of the 2020 Centennial. They have committed to donating $100.00 per person as seed money to support an operating budget.

Members: Kenneth Hobbs, Rev, David Hobbs, Karon Patterson, Nan Hobbs Bennett, Sharon Hatch, Vernie Miller, Johnny Hobbs, Lawrence Hobbs, Dr. Beverly Murdock, Michelle Hobbs, Maceo Mahaffey, Bruce Mahaffey.
There are many ways to support the 2020 Centennial –

1.       Committee chairs and volunteers, leadership and skills are needed for the following sub-committees:
Accommodations, Food, Decorations, Welcome Hosts, Activities, Entertainment, Visual Media, Family History, Transportation, Web Tech, Fundraising, and Historic Preservation.

2.      Individual family units are encouraged to support the operating budget with donations.

3.      Anyone can submit photos, artifacts or stories on this website or to the Planning Committee.
Contact:, Attn: Registrar
The Hobbs Family Reunion
When: July 3-5, 2020
Where: Bridgewater, New Jersey
Bridgewater Township, NJ
United States

Contact: Registrar